Rental Equipment

DozersD10NCab/air, Rippers
D9NCab/air, Rippers
D8NCab/air, Rippers
D6RCab/air, Rippers
D6NLGP Mudcat, Apex shoes, Power-Angle-Tilt blade, Cab/air
D5NCab/air, Rippers, Power-Angle-Tilt blade
Motor14G16’ blade, Rippers
Graders140H14’ blade, Cab/air, Rippers
Compactors815F/BCar/air, Tilt blade
CP563D-Series, 84” Sheeps/Pad foot, Vibratory roller + blade
CP433C-Series, 66” Sheeps/Pad foot, Vibratory roller + blade
CP323C-Series, 50” Sheeps/Pad foot, Vibratory roller + blade
CB224D-Series, 47” Double drum, Vibratory paving roller + blade
Articulated73540 ton 29yd, Bed liner, Tail gate, Air
Dump Trucks140H35 ton 26yd, Bed liner, Tail Gate, Air
Excavators345B IIwith 72” 60” 48” bkts, Quick-coupler, 36” wide Compaction Wheel
330CLwith 54” bucket, Thumb, Quick-coupler
330CLwith Hammer-H140 or E216 5,000 ft. lbs. + bucket, thumb
Track Loader963 Multi-purpose (clam) bucket + teeth, Rippers
Wheel988HCab/air, 10yd Spade-nosed Rock bucket: 152” + 18” w/ teeth
Loaders988GCab/air, 10+yd Load-out bucket: 115” smooth edge
988FCab/air, 9yd Load-out bucket: 124” smooth edge
988HCab/air, 8yd Load-out bucket: 114” smooth edge
980GCab/air, 7yd Load-out bucket: 112” smooth edge
972G IICab/air, 6 yd bucket: 130: smooth edge
L120ECab/air, 4.4 yd 133” bkt, smooth edge + QC + 59” Forks
950G IICab/air, 4 yd bucket + Quick Coupler + 60” Forks

Terms: Rates subject to change without notice; rates based on 8 hr. day, 40 hr. week, 176 hr. month; certificate of insurance & pre-lien requires; tire wear allowance applies; transportation, damages & low on fuel billed additionally.

We service but are not limited to the following counties:

Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Contra Costa, Alameda, Napa, Sonoma, Sacramento, Solano, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno